Services at Freedom Mountain Investments

Account Management

How to Set-up an Account

The minimum account size is $50,000.

Individuals with interest in investing should contact Dr. Roche directly by phone or e-mail. The process starts with a phone interview to review your goals, risk tolerance and investment experience. Understanding client goals and investment preferences is one of the most important keys to long term success. Assuming there is a good fit with our approach, required regulatory forms need to be completed to create the account.

We use a number of different brokers for accounts. Clients can access and view their portfolios as desired. All clients will receive quarterly reports giving the investment results for the latest quarter. These reports will also provide updates on key holdings and the rationale for significant portfolio changes. All clients will be billed on a quarterly basis for management fees. Clients have the ability to withdraw funds at any time. Some accounts may also have check writing ability.

Fee Schedule

The minimum account size is $50,000.

Portfolio SizeAnnualized Fee
0 - $250,000 1.50%
$250,001 - $500,000 1.25%
$500,001 - $1,000,000 1.15%
Over $1,000,000 Negotiable


New accounts greater than $40,000 receive a one time $500 fee reduction.  Management has reduced fees in certain periods depending on performance.  In 2014 management fees were reduced by 50%.