Freedom Mountain Investments specializes in management of individual portfolios.

  • Fundamental, long term approach to investing
  • Tailored to meet individual investment goals and risk tolerance
  • Extensive research to identify value at an early stage
  • Specializing in small and mid cap companies
  • 2023 return +21.38%
  • 2022 return -12.51%
  • 2021 return +25.95%
  • 2020 return +12.89%
  • 2019 return +24.88%
  • 2018 return -3.39%
  • 2017 return+ 20.65%

What We Do

  • work with clients to establish long term investment goals and objectives
  • develop investment portfolios to meet individual needs of clients based upon goals and risk tolerance
  • investment selections based upon intensive research into individual companies
  • management of individual client portfolios: Taxable accounts, 401K accounts, IRA and Roth IRA accounts

To learn more about investing with us....

Edward Roche, President Freedom Mountain Investments
1849 Hawthorne Place
Paoli, PA 19301
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